[B5] Liar liar pants on fire..

 Posted on 8/23/1994 by jmsatb5@aol.com to rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

Normally, this thread wouldn't even be worth my time to respond,
moreso since I missed the original message, and can only see the replies.
But that said...maybe because I've been up nearly 30 hours breaking my
back on this show, to try and provide an occasional hour's entertainment,
and I'm cranky, I figured I'd just say a few quick things.

Unlike Mr. Glover, who I believe is the same person who's been
spreading this "JMS is lying about everything" crap on various nets,
including Fidonet, every post that I have written about Babylon 5 for
the last *three years* has been archived, organized, filed, and indexed
for easy reference. I would suggest that in three years of his own posts,
you would probably find lots of contradictions in Mr. Glover's posts. He
is free from this kind of scrutiny. I am not.

That said...if I were running around fibbing left, right and center,
as he implies, because there *is* that vast pool of material, it would've
been caught out *ages* ago. I know that everything I write gets saved, and
thus it behooves me to be as *abolutely* correct in what I write as I
humanly can be. From time to time, as the story has progressed, I've
refined a small character point or two, but overall I've been pretty
damned consistent.

And I have been *particularly* consistent in what I have said about
Michael O'Hare. I have said that it was mutual and amicable. I said that
we came to him first. Those are not, as Mr. Glover would suggest, mutually
contradictory statements. Someone has to go first.

And let me just toss a note in Mr. Glover's direction...what the fuck
is it to you what happens between Michael O'Hare and his employer in the
privacy of their offices? Suppose for the moment he quit because he saw
me courting his pet chicken...what the fuck is it to you? Who says you're
entitled to ANY information? How'd you like it if we went digging out
information on how your employer treats you? On why you were fired from
your last job? What business is it of mine? None. What business is this
of yours? None. Except that you have no apparent life but that which you
obtain through what you see on TeeVee, in the belief that somehow, by
virtue of certain phosphor-dots resting on your corneas for a few seconds,
we owe you *anything*. We don't. Bugger off.

As for Larry DiTillio...I showed him what was posted on this net
from his apperance at LosCon, and he was *very* upset by the quotes, in
his sense that they misrepresented what he had said.

I have yet to see the alleged quotes where I changed my story on
something. I don't think they exist.

I think that by describing the majority of viewers here as
"sycophants" who "hang on (my) every word)", Mr. Glover attempts right off
the bat to discredit anyone who might disagree with him. He insults every
member of this discussion in so doing, and I take great exception to that.
Anyone who disagrees with Mr. Glover is either a liar, or a sycophant.

Sod off, Mr. Glover.

And Mr. Glover also over-estimates not only his own importance, but
the importance of this system in terms of ratings. If you added up every
single person who reads this forum, and all those on GEnie, Compuserve,
(AOL and Prodigy on bounce-back), NVN, Bix and all the rest...it wouldn't
be even a *blip* on the ratings. Wouldn't even show up. I'm here only
because I want to be, and because -- despite the occasional Gloverite who
trudges his way in here to sneer at people -- it's fun to hang out.

And I am not "A SALESMAN." I am a writer. I'm not here to sell
anybody anything. The people who come here are those who watch the show
to begin with; those who watch Baywatch and have no interest in B5 don't
come in here. There's no point in singing to the choir. Many of those
here are those who've already decided they like the show...and others are
certainly more than free with their criticism.

On another system, the indefatigable Mr. Glover commented that I
MUST be lying about O'Hare, because after all if I ever admitted that
someone walked off the show on their own, I'd be in trouble with Warner
Bros, and I was thus protecting my ass. And I think it was about a week
later that I mentioned, on my own, that Caitlin Brown was going off the
show, on her own, because she wants to do feature-film starring roles.
Boy, I must be some kinda feeb to admit that in public, because I gots to
protect my ass....

I said it because it was true.

One of the primary reasons I'm here is to try and educate people
about how TV is done. When I did the series of articles on the new TZ
series for Twilight Zone magazine, I made it a point to include the good
and the bad and the ugly, otherwise it has no worth. I've come on here
and said which episodes of B5 were great, and which I wouldn't mind if
all copies of the negative fell off a pier; I've stated when actors have
left on their own, and when we've changed our minds about them, and when
deals have fallen through; I've been as hard on the show as anyone else.

But for Eugene Glover, whose own life is notably sheltered from
public view, this is insufficient, and his own prejudices and internal
bile levels, as indicated by the quotes from him, pursuade him that I am
a liar.

Piss off, Eugene. You're a mean, vindictive little guttersnipe who
has nothing better to do than piss in other people's punchbowls, absent of
any perceptible life, overwhelmed with your own feelings of self
importance and righteousness, when in reality you simply suffer from
delusions of adequacy. I rarely use this kind of term, due to its basic
offensiveness to SF/ST fans...but Eugene...get a life, get a grip, get a
clue, but most of all...get away.