Correction: I did *not* write the...

 Posted on 8/17/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Correction: I did *not* write the outline for the B5 novel that John is
doing. I approved it, but he thunk it up all on his own.

Last day of shooting on "Points" is Thursday. We shoot seven days, NOT
counting weekends. So far shooting is going astonishingly well; Bruce is
fitting beautifully into the company. Some great and very funny
scenes...balanced with some major revelations throughout. We're doing some
terrific new sets, including the Earthforce lounge (when I've christened
"Earhart's," after Amelia Earhart, and a two-story Bazaar that is *very* cool
indeed. Janet Greek is directing "Points." Second up, starting Friday, is
"Revelations," being directed by Jim Johnston.

We always have several meetings with the director to make sure we're on
the same wavelength, culminating in a final tone meeting where we go through
page by page, scene by scene (done again in a major production meeting later
with all our crew). There are no tabled read throughs, though the director
rehearses as much as required before each scene. Generally speaking, there
isn't much rewriting done on many of our scripts once they hit second draft; I
don't like directors or actors rewriting on set, and won't allow it. If
there's a required change, the person involved has to get it approved by me
or, if I'm absent, Larry. So far, of the six or so scripts we have in final
shape, none has gone past pink pages (in order, it's white pages (final draft,
published to all departments), blue pages (1st revision) and pink pages (2nd
rev.). Many shows have a whole rainbow of colors in scripts, through 8-10
revisions. We don't do that.