Re: Are the B5 CGI files gone forever ?

 Posted on 8/10/2009 by to

On Aug 9, 8:40=A0pm, Matt Ion <> wrote:
> On 09/08/2009 2:35 PM, Immortus45 wrote:
> > =A0 =A0A long time ago I heard that the CGI files of B5 are missing and
> > that's why it can't be converted to high resolution. My assumption was
> > that they had been accidently erased or destroyed or something, but
> > somewhere online I read a message from someone who said something to
> > the effect that Warner Brothers has massive archives and it's possible
> > that they're still there somewhere perhaps misplaced in some forgotten
> > corner on zip drives or something. =A0Does anyone think that's possible=
> > or is that just wishful thinking ?
> I suppose anything is POSSIBLE. =A0It's also possible that they're sittin=
> on wiped disks or drives that are still recoverable.
> Whether anyone has the inclination to go looking, however...

Doesn't matter if any of them exist, they could never be upgraded to
HD or anything close to that. They were produced on antiquated
equipment at a resolution that's ridiculous in comparison to what's
currently being done now.

And honestly, what you'd pay to try (and fail) at up-resing them would
be nearly what you'd pay to render everything fresh.

(Haven't been around much because the ear infection which turned into
a throat infection which turned into a bronchial infection turned into
walking pneumonia, so I've been spending most of my time trying to get
better -- which I'm finally starting to achieve -- and any time at the
computer, which wasn't much, went to work. I want to be sure I'm well
and able to travel for the Toronto convention later this month. Last
time I had a bad ear infection it prevented me from getting on a
plane, and I had to take a train from LA to Vancouver. It was no