Re: Changeling Poster now Available - was Re: JMS: "Changeling"

 Posted on 9/29/2008 by to

So here's a question for the group mind...a weird question that my
agent asked me, when he noticed it, and I didn't have an answer, so I
figured somebody here might.

If you do a google search -- web or blog -- on my name, and sort date
to the most recent, you hit a lot of B5 stuff, some comics stuff, and
the like. You see very little on Changeling.

But if you do a search for Changeling for the same period, and sort
date, even though my name is all through those entries, almost none of
them showed up on the other Google search, even though Changeling and
my name were in the same areas and thus should have been sorted

It's almost as if Google is weighted to search in some areas, and
disregard others. Kind of a weird internet typecasting.

Whuzzup wit dat?