Re: JMS: End of Season 2 of Jeremiah; a finale?

 Posted on 9/9/2008 by to

On Sep 6, 5:04=A0pm, Grandpa Garibaldi <> wrote:
> After finally getting to see all of the Season 2 episodes of Jeremiah,
> it certainly seems as if Interregnum, Part II was the final episode of
> the series. =A0It certainly didn't have a cliffhanger like the first
> Season did. =A0Did you plan to keep the storyline going, or did you
> write it knowing it was going to be the last episode?
> Either way, it's a shame it didn't get another season. =A0The actors
> really grew into their characters and the writing became more solid
> with each episode. =A0Very nice work.
> Grandpa

I knew that this was a show I wasn't going to come back to under any
conditions, so yeah, it was meant to be a finale from my side.