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On Jan 30, 6:35=A0am, Neeklus <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I won't bore you with the details of how I've just graduated from X or
> how I've been watching films and TV for Y years. Instead I'll get
> right to the meat of the problem/quandary: I want to a script writer.
> Well I am a script writer. I've written some scripts. But what I want
> to do with them now is sell them.
> Now the Complete Book of Scriptwriting is an excellent bible for the
> naive youngsters like myself. However it doesn't answer all the
> niggling little questions that keep floating around my mind. First and
> foremost I live in the UK. Bearing in mind that Hollywood is the place
> to be if you want to be in the business, is there anyway an unknown
> international wannabe can actually make a sale without having to jet
> over to the US at the drop of a hat?
> I guess my main concern is that I have this script that I'm pretty
> proud of. It is for a niche show, something I think I'm in tune with.
> But when I send the producer my nice polite letter inquiring if they'd
> be interested in this wonderful script, will he or she look at my
> address and instantly think "way too much hassle"?
> This brings me on to my next question - We live in the age of
> technology and super-fast internet connections (or at least some of us
> do). Is email hoping to replace snail mail?
> Another pertinent issue is the WGA strike. I want to make it clear I
> don't want to step on any toes or in any graves. I don't want to be a
> "scab" - I completely sympathise with the raw deal that writers get,
> and I do believe the WGA are fighting for a noble cause. Should I
> mention any of this in my letter?
> I shall close by hoping someone, anyone can help me.
> Good luck, and thanks for reading.
> Nick Thorburn

The answer is...if by "show" you mean trying to sell a TV show, it
doesn't matter where you live because you can't sell a show unless
you've worked in the TV industry for x-number of years. Just not
gonna happen. Networks only buy from people they know and have a
working relationship with.


(PS, for those who played the "what's that?" google earth game last
time, here's a new one to check out:

30 30 38 24s S
115 22 51 37 E

This one should generate some discussion.)