Re: Volume 13 Photos - No stinky food

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On Jan 30, 9:46=A0am, "Dupa T. Parrot" <>
> In Joe's Photos in volume 13 is a shot of JMS in front of the Welcome to
> Babylon 5 sign board from season 1.
> In the upper left sign under "Forbidden on Babylon 5" I see...
> No Dust, No Weapons, No Fighting and No Durians.
> So stinky fruit products from Earth are prohibited?
> Just in case you don't know wha durian is, see this link:http://en.wikiped=
> (Scroll down to find the section on odor)

Actually, it's No Durlans, for all the comics fans...B5 had had enough
problems with shape-shifters over the years....