Re: ATTN JMS: Films based on your comics

 Posted on 8/12/2005 by to

Seeker Wearing Sneakers wrote:
> Joe, is there anything new you can tell us about possible film adaptations
> of either Midnight Nation or Rising Stars? Are both in development hell?
> Is there any hope of ever seeing either of these works on the big screen?
> If so, would you be involved in the filmmaking process? Do you have any
> rights regarding these properties, or are they fully owned by Image/Top Cow?
> Respectfully,
> Craig
> Lawrence, KS

Not at the moment. Midnight Nation is available, and it's one of those
things I might spec out on my own after a while, and Rising Stars just
ended its option period with MGM. There are a couple of studios nosing
around the edges of the thing, but we'll have to see. And yes, I
control the film and TV rights to both of those.