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>> Has Supreme Power #10 come out yet? It was suppossed to come out a week
>> wednesday but the shop where i buy my comics didn't have it. I tried
>> store and they didn't have it either. Is it being shipped late or has it
>> out?
>Not out yet. JMS is busy again with his TV stuff, so it should come as no
>suprise that some of his other projects might suffer lateness.

And by what trail of evidence do you come to that (incidentally totally false)
conclusion? You make an unequivocal statement that I'm "busy again with (my)
TV stuff." What TV stuff would this be? Please cite the title, since you seem
to know something definitive that even I and my agent do not know about.

The reason this (well, let's call it what it is, shall we?) lie is so offensive
is that, after I finished Jeremiah in July, I had the option of jumping on
another show, but I elected instead to take a year off, partly to recover from
Jeremiah, but also to build up a backlog of scripts on the comics work so that
when I do jump on another show, there won't be any delays.

And there have been no delays in either title for going on two years. SP in
particular has come out like clockwork. The truth is never as colorful as a
really good lie, and the truth in this case is that both ASM and SP, among a
few other books, ran into some production glitches and got delayed. That's it.

ASM 507 is hitting stands this week, and I'm about to turn in 511 SP 9 hits
next week, and I'm about to turn in issue 13. You will note that in both
cases, I am four months ahead of delivery.

In addition, I've just turned in the first issues of the Doc Strange mini, plus
a new series I'm doing for Marvel. were quick to jump in with a falsehood. Let's see how quick you are
to jump in with an apology. Or do manners only run one way on the planet where
you come from?


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