Re: ATTN JMS: Handing over Jeremiah reigns questions (short I promise)

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>When a showrunner leaves, I assume that said shows owners hold all the
>rights to any outlines/arcs/etc.. you may have provided to them or written
>during your employment with them.

Yes and no. They own what they pay for, meaning scripts and, if commissiond, a
bible. Generally they don't pay for notes, memos, sketches, that sort of
thing...though on the other hand, one could make the argument that it's all
done during the term of employment. I don't know if this has ever been tested.
Either way, if they were to base a story on one's notes, there would have to
be separate story payments per WGA.

>And so do they have any info in regards
>to where you wanted to take the show after season 2?

No. Studios are remarkably short-sighted as a rule; they only want to see
what's in the pipeline for that season. In the case of Jeremiah, I did not
write any notes for after season 2, which is actually pretty much pro forma, B5
being the exception to the rule. You have it in your head, but that's it.

>Regardless of what's been left behind for them to try to work with, would
>you have any interest or desire in letting the new showrunners in on any of
>your ideas?

No. Nor would I think they would want them. MGM would take the show in a
vastly different direction, such that any thoughts I would have had would no
longer apply.

Emblematic of some of the studio's notions is a call made by the studio to my
casting director, stating -- of the paucity of babes -- "I don't care if she
can act, I want her cute."

>Would you consider being hired on as a
>consultant to the show if asked?

If there were a third season, the studio would have to pay me a consultancy fee
but there would be no requirement to actually consult.


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