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>I missed this. I read lots of news every day, and somehow
>I still manage to miss some of the horrors. Does anyone know where I
>could read more about this one?

There are two really good sources for info tracking the latest on what the Bush
administration is doing.

The first is:

The second is:

Now, I pass those two on with a couple of caveats. What's good about both
those sites is that they don't actually offer content of their own, they serve
as a source of links to news articles appearing in various real, honest-to-gosh
newspapers and magazines, ranging from the Boston Globe to the Washington Post,
the NY Times, the London Independent, the Chicago Tribune, an assortment of
Canadian newspapers, Newsday, Time, CBS and CNN and on from there.

The Chimp also tends to link to some articles in places that wear their agendas
on their sleeves, and I generally tend to be very critical of anything I see
there. So when linking, notice where you're going and if it's an editorial or
a posting, clearly it bears less weight than an article in an established
publication. (Interestingly, I have found that I read stories that become of
great interest here in the international press long before they come to light
in the US...the Ambassador Wilson story being one such.)

The caveat on the buzzflash site is that their links -- the intro to same --
tends to show more of their subjective bias as well, though they tend on
average to link to more actual publications and fewer blogs or posts than the

So as in all things, caveat emptor...but on balance, they provide a terrific
clearing house for tracking what the administration is doing. The thing to
bear in mind is that so much goes on in bits and pieces that it can slip under
the radar screens until you start to put it all under one umbrella, then you
see the larger picture.


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