Re: ATTN: JMS Yet another DVD question

 Posted on 7/25/2003 by to

>OK, it looks like B5 is gonna go the distance(all 5 seasons) on
>DVD, crusade is still in "being considered" limbo, and rumors are
>flying thick fast on Jeremiah.

It's my understanding that if the sales continue as they have for B5, they will
indeed release Crusade on DVD.

I read on the net -- was never informed by MGM -- that Jeremiah will be coming
to DVD in January or February of next year, and season 2 begins September 19th
on Showtime.

>What about the other B5 movies? I suppose Call To Arms might
>reasonably go in a Crusade set to bulk it up but that still
>leaves Thirdspace and River Of Souls. Are there any whispers/hints
>you can give on the possibility of them finding their way to DVD?

If things continue, I think it very likely from what they've said.


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