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>Joe, I saw Babylon 5 for free

Yes, and no. Technically, yes, you saw the show for that *you*
didn't have to pay for it directly.

But the show WAS being paid for, by the advertisers (and subjecting you to the
commercials is the price *you* pay for the show.)

The actors are being compensated every time that show runs, via residuals, as
opposed to somebody putting up episodes on the net.

(In point of fact, I saw a post recently where somebody was talking about
uploading and downloading B5 episodes, and why it was okay to do because the
studio had made their money on it, why give the money grubbing guys any more?
Except, of course, that the actors, writers and directors don't get the big
bucks, they get residuals when the show plays. Which makes me ask...if you
like the show, and the characters, and the actors who *played* those
characters, why would you take away the few bucks they make in residuals by
putting their eps on the net?)


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