Re: ATTN JMS: Are you a millionaire ?

 Posted on 7/17/2002 by to

>A side thought. Jeremiah is being made in Canada. At what point does
>JMS have to start paying Canadian Income Tax?

I was able to get a waiver on LoTR because it was a short-term engagement, but
on Jeremiah I've been paying Canadian taxes (as well as American taxes) since
day one.

Even so, my Canadian tax burden is still far less than the average Canadian has
to shell out every year, percentage-wise. Though I'm still somewhat of a
newcomer, my feeling is that, frankly, the Canadian people are getting hosed.
I understand the dilemma of having a very large country and a very small
population that has to support that infrastructure, but even so they're just
getting hammered out of all proportion and reasonableness.


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