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 Posted on 7/22/2001 by to

>> The best of your knowledge is only half the story apparently. You simply
>> choose to believe the worst about CC, accusing her of lying, while in
>> reality both JMS and CC could have been and probably were telling the truth
>> as they saw it.

I can't believe people are still debating about this...

Go down to the frikkin' bookstore and pick up a copy of the current TV Zone,
issue 41...there's an interview with Claudia. In it she says it again, point
blank: she CHOSE to QUIT the SHOW. Nothing about any kind of miscommunication,
she CHOSE to QUIT.

Previously she said it was about money, now she says it was because she didn't
want to keep doing a part where she didn't have much to do (odd since at the
end of the last episode with her Ivanova was put IN CHARGE of B5), the story
has changed here and there elsewhere, but either way, the end result is the
same, it was her decision.

I told the truth. Deal with it.


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