Re: new jms series announced

 Posted on 7/21/2001 by to

>Yes, what is it about? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Western? Who or
>what is this Jeremiah?

Right around now in our timeline, a virus wipes out everyone on the planet over
the age of puberty (figure around 12-13).

It is now about 15 years later. Those who were once children have now grown up
and are in their late 20s on down. For 15 years, they have been living on the
scraps of the old world; now they must either continue the downward slide, or
begin to rebuild the world, taking responsibility for themselves and the world
and each other.

It is, oddly enough, a post-apocalyptic series about *beginnings* rather than
endings, about hope rather then despair. It is about the new world rising out
of the ashes of the old world, what shape that world will take, and who will
get to decide that shape.

More than that would be to give too much away.


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