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>Will this be part of continuity of the show? Is it
>something you've now planned for this or something that might come
>"out of storage". the story of the Telepath War maybe?

I think I'd like to do something in continuity with the series, so that it
feels like an unproduced episode...but I haven't decided yet, and don't want to
go too far down that road until I've talked more to the guys at Wildstorm.
They've been great in all this, they initiated the project, and I want to be
sure that welcome is treated properly.

>Do the B5 rights still hold with DC then (they own Wildstorm right?)
>because they are a WB company? I was surprised that it wasn't under
>the Top Cow imprint when you said it. But then I don't really know how
>the licensing thing works so....

WB owns the rights, which reverted after DC stopped doing the books. They'd
rather not go to an outside company for political reasons.

>Oh and *thanks so much*. Just had to buy yet MORE comics to get me up
>to date on Midnight Nation after hearing such great things. I thought
>I could give them up completely after dropping X-men. Then I read
>"Born In Fire". And bought loads of RS to get me current.
>Now I'm into MN. (when's #5 out?)

Good timing. Midnight Nation #5 comes out tomorrow. Get this one, it's a real


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