ATTN JMS: varying widescreen ratios

 Posted on 10/1/2000 by to

>When widescreen/digital HDTV finally replaces Never-The-Same-Color (NTSC),
>will these various "inconsistencies" in widescreen formats, teacup
>sequences, ghosting, et cetera be taken care of?

I'm not directly involved with WB posting, but my suspicion is that it will be.
>I'm curious: Why did you present the credits in widescreen letterbox format
>when the rest of the show was standard 4:3? What motivated you to do that?

Gave the show kind of an epic look.

>Also, I recall you said the CGI was produced as standard 4:3 ratios. Does
>that mean the PAL/Sci-Fi version is cropping the CGI?

Yes, but we always composed the CGI so that there wasn't anything important
going on top and bottom.


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