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>I guess I asked the wrong question. When I am in situations where there is a
>lot of doubt, etc. I will sometimes go into what I call "Fuckup Theater"
>Basically, it seems like every mistake, screw-up, lapse of judgment, etc.
>that I
>have ever made will come back to haunt me. Just to give me that extra boost
>confidence when I need it most :-) What I was getting at was: did you ever
>that way on B5? Did it happen often? When it did, were you able to just
>it out of your mind, or was it still sitting there, sneering at everything

I can't think of a moment in the entire 5 year history of the show when it
*wasn't* there, in the back of my head. You *always* doubt yourself, you
*always* want to go over it one more time. When I look at ANY episode, all I
see are the flaws, the things that could have been done better. It'll be years
before I can look at it without that overlay.

And the only thing you can do is burn through it and hope for the best at the


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