Jms, any plans to write a book?

 Posted on 4/16/2000 by to

>I'm not an expert on the current market,
>but I've sort of noticed the lack of good SF titles in the bookstores over
>the past year or two. Is this something cyclic or is there a some sturctural
>problem in the publishing end of things.

Too many publishing companies are now owned by too few corporations, leading to
the Hollywoodization of Publishing: total emphasis on blockbusters, the
eradication of the midlist, the production of cookie cutter books, the mass
proliferation of generic fantasy titles, shrinking advances and marketing
support, and an environment that makes it harder for new or midlist writers to
survive, and even more difficult for ANY writer to get something new or
challenging onto the marketplace in deference to safe choices.

Other than that, it's copacetic.


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