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>I hope you got a new series--that would be great!

Nothing there can happen until later down the road a piece. The problem is
that, while freelancers can kinda work year round, there are only two periods
during which show runners are hired.

The first is late May/June, when series are commissioned from pilots, and those
that don't already have a show runner attached need to find one. I missed this
slot last year because we didn't finish posting on Crusade until late May, and
because I've kind of been off the network radar screens for six years doing B5
and Crusade, they weren't even aware I was available (that has since changed).

The other period is late July/mid October, which is when show runners go in and
pitch series to studios and networks, which are then developed into pilots that
are shot prior to the following May, when the decisions are made as to what
goes and what doesn't. The Chris Carter situation went through this past
development season, and when Fox pulled out after Harsh Realm went down,
development season was over.


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