Is there a Best Episode?

 Posted on 10/20/1999 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

{original post had no questions}

"As to "The Matrix", I think you may be betting on the winner there,
but strangely I found the story a trifle weak. Perhaps because it was
so overshadowed by the extravagant visual effect. I'd hate to have to
pay the tab for just 10 seconds of that film."

The story is fairly straightforward and parts of it do not bear
close scrutiny, but the mythology of the thing is very well done, and
obviously the action stuff is the best I've ever seen. The DVD is
particularly cool; it has the movie, commentaries, the ability to dive
out of the movie to see the sequence done segment by segment, then see
the whole thing, and you can see it from script to storyboard to filmed
end-product. I've probably watched the whole thing through about 4-5

As much as I have a personal investment in Crusade and all
things Babylonian, I can't think of much that could compete with the
Matrix in terms of quality.

(And to the question of what episode I'd consider...absent the
Matrix for a moment, it occurs to me that A Call to Arms and River of
Souls are both also elibigle for this year.)