Babylon 5- Deadly Relations- Bester's Ascendant

 Posted on 3/10/1999 by to

>I, for one, cannot bring myself to purchase a book that covers ground that
>should have been covered in the Babylon-5 television series.

1) The B5 series was never about the Psi Corps, it was about the station and
the people who live there.

2) Should the show have told everything there was about IPX, the Psi Corps,
EarthDome, and all of the various institutions involved? Show me any series
ever created that can do that.

3) The Psi Corps books cover over a hundred years of history, and Bester's
final fate comes years after the events of the B5 storyline. There is NO WAY
to include all of that in any one series. You are asking the impossible, and
complaining because we cannot do what simply cannot be done by any series,
ever, anywhere, ever created.


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