Re: ATTN: JMS Creation Vs. LosCon

 Posted on 11/25/1997 by to

>Did you guys get those travel pods working or is there a lot of cross
>town drivin' going on? Which should I attend? At $40 bucks a wack I
>just want to see the best show.

Basically, the actors will be at Creation that Sunday; I will be doing my B5
presentation (bringing clips and bloopers and other cool stuff) the same day at
LosCon at the Burbank Airport Hilton.

So basically it's a clear-cut choice; if one wants to see actors, one goes to
Pasadena; if one wants to see writers (and there are many other writers at
LosCon) one goes there.

(BTW, I'll be doing selected other panels at LosCon Friday and Saturday as
well. But the main B5 showcase is Sunday.)