jms absent a bit

 Posted on 9/26/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Just to let you know...I haven't been online at all in the last
2 days, and may not be on for a bit over the next day or so, or at most
sporadically. I threw my back out badly last Sunday, and didn't know
how much damage I'd done until it reached the point of nearly
incapacitating me by Wednesday. So what little time I can put in
behind the keyboard over the next few days, until the medication can do
its job, will mainly be spent on writing episodes. It's just a muscle
thing (fortunately) and I have all the right drugs I need, so it's
simply a matter of time and healing.

What apparently complicated matters was that it happened about
90 minutes before I was scheduled to do my second presentation at a
convention in Tulsa (I slipped in the shower) and refused to cancel the
presentation or the 90 minute autograph session following, knowing that
some folks had come as far as 5 hours drive-time to be there. Ah, and learn.