!intense Garibaldi News

 Posted on 8/26/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

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I understand, and that's fine, but then you should have posted
the message as an inquiry, not an annoucement of "news." Because too
many people take what they read on the nets uncritically. The way I
first found out about your message was through a number of *extremely*
angry, offensive and insulting emails I got on another account saying
how dare I "get rid of" both Ivanova and Garibaldi in the same season,
accusing me of trying to sneak the "firing of Garibaldi" under the
radar while everyone was off looking at the Claudia situation...so I
spent a great deal of time calming people down, then backtracking it to
the original source (which would've been faster if I'd just done a
tapcis sweep here, but the notes all came to me from the internet,
from those with shared CIS accounts, or who knew someone who had a CIS
account). The root for all of them was your note, or someone who'd seen
your note and went ballistic.

People need to understand that when they post unverified
information as "news," and it's wrong...and it's wrong about 9 times
out of ten... ultimately, I'm the one who pays the price for it.