B5 Fanclub Merchandise

 Posted on 8/25/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

I have the information a lot of folks have been asking for on the
merchandise being put out by the B5 fan club. Orders can be sent to
the Babylon 5 Fan Club, P.O. Box 856, North Hollywood, CA 91603.

T-SHIRTS - B5 club logo on front, saying on back, shirt color

FCS-01 "We have always been here." Black on white.
FCS-02 "We stand between the Darkness and the Light." (black on grey)
FCS-03 "No Boom Today, Boom Tomorrow. There's Always a Boom
Tomorrow." White on black.

Cost: (blocked)
members, $18.95 non-members


Sent rolled $8.00 members, $10 non-members


Original sountrack, and "Messages from Earth" available. Each selling
for $14.95 members, $16.95 non-members.


Chris is now releasing soundtracks for each individual episode on its
own special CD: "A Late Delivery from Avalon," "Z'ha'dum," "Shadow
Dancing," "Severed Dreams" and "Walkabout." $11.95 members, $13.95


Worn by Sheridan in "Knives." Has the silhouette of the Agamemnon
embroidered on the front, on a grey cap, with the ID# of the Aggy
beneath (OCG-05, standing for Omega Construction Group, Hull 5) and the
name above the silhouette. $16 members, $18 non-members.

Members should include membership number on all orders. The Fan Club
can do Visa and Mastercard as well as check, but be sure to include the
expiration date, total amount to be billed, and daytime phone number.

Shipping and handling: (blocked)
$35.01-50 $8.50 $50.01-75 $10.50 $75.01-100 $12.95
Over $100 $15.50

For 2nd day air add $10, for Next Day Air add $15.

We will have prices and info on international shipping soon.