Claudia Opts Out-JMS

 Posted on 7/25/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Hero Games (Sue) <> asks:
> My question then is, what about the supposed conversation between
> CCs agent and Copeland? Did this never take place?
> is the agent lying?

The conversation was not fully reported. If an actor wants to
be paid for 22 episodes, then yes, it is impossible for ANY studio to
put in writing that they will pay for 22 while getting only 16 or 18.
None of them will ever do that. Now, if an actor wants to 16-18 and be
paid for only 16-18, then that's another issue. But the former is not
possible, and that was what John was addressing. He's kind of gotten a
bad rap in this, without cause.