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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: <WWE II>
      To: CIS  
    Date: 5/23/1996 3:28:00 PM  

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John M. Kahane <> asks:
> The fact that the woman seemed to have a passkey to Sheridan's
> quarters makes me wonder...and I would love to see the surprise
> on folks' faces if it turned out to be Catherine Sakai...but
> that's not likely, is it? Any thoughts on this?
> I was rather pleased to see how Marcus reacted to Sinclair's
> decision to go back to the past and become the leader of the
> Minbari, and I loved seeing the actual scene with the Minbari
> "Valen" encounter the 1,000 years ago Minbari, but couldn't help
> but notice that we didn't get to see Kosh...or perhaps one of the
> Vorlons there was Kosh? Other than the destruction of B5 by the
> Shadows and the visions from Ladira that we saw in "Signs and
> Portents," how many of these visions actually portrayed the
> future that we will actually see? Were these actual future
> occurrences, or were they more "what might be"s (as Ladira called
> them in "SaP")?

Re: the Chrysalis came from Epsilon 3. There was
one shot that should've been made more of, where we see a long box with
a silver triangle on one side being set up, and left. Unfortunately,
the shot didn't make much of it (you can see Zathras putting it out
there), and a later shot we dropped showing it again because it wasn't
properly featured and you couldn't really tell what it was. There was
so much in this episode that had to be pulled off, in a short amount of
time, that sometimes things in the background don't get framed as they
might be. But that's where it came from: from Epsilon 3 to Sinclair to
Delenn, who still has it.


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