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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Just a Question
      To: CIS  
    Date: 3/19/1996 8:19:00 AM  

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Michael E. MacDonal <> asks:
> Any that you think out do the others all ready aired ?
> And How Much Did Foxworthy Backing out Realy change "Severed
> Dreams" or for that matter "Point of no Return" ? or Did you Go
> with a Replacement for him ? And BTW Being an old V fan ...I read
> a Script posted here that you ? Is there any chance we might Get
> to see him on B5 ?

The Foxworth bail resulted in a change of about three lines,
that's about it. You'll know which lines when you hear them.

As for the next thing I'm trying to be more careful
about now is curbing my excitement about episodes. If I say "X is the
best thing since sliced bread," there's always going to be folks who
then sit down to NOT be impressed. Whereas if you say little, just
hide in the underbrush and let the episode whack 'em upsided the head,
you often get a better reaction.

So I'll try to answer but in vaguer terms than usual.

Of the next eight, I'd put 3 of them in the category of the
best we've ever done, equal to or topping "The Coming of Shadows."
Those would be "Severed Dreams," and "War Without End," parts 1 and 2.

You've got two personal stories in the batch, which are more
intimate and give us a break from the big changes in the current
three-part sequence. "Sic Transit Vir" and "A Late Delivery From
Avalon," that I enjoy immensely for very different reasons. I'm very
pleased with them.

Then you start heating up the arc again, leading toward the
"War" two parter, with "Ship of Tears" (which I think fans will like a
LOT), and "Interludes and Examinations," another very strong episode
with some real surprises.

Personally, from a storytelling and character point of view, I
think that the "War" two parter represents possibly the very best work
we've ever done on the show, with "Severed Dreams" right behind it.

(After the major events in "War," you get two more episodes
that act as an emotional buffer, a little quieter..."Walkabout" and
"Grey 17 Is Missing," and of the two, I think "Walkabout" is pretty
good; it has some moments that are maybe a bit too soft, which I'm
going to try and strengthen in editing this week. The last three of
this season, "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place," "Shadow
Dancing," and the last episode, are somewhat similar in construction to
the mini-arc of "Messages," "Point" and "Severed," in that they build
thematically and contextually toward a single resolution. There's
a kind of nifty little visual element I use to tie them all together.)


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