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    From: Jms at B5
 Subject: Re:X Glen X
      To: AOL  
    Date: 11/28/1995 2:12:00 PM  

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Tell me, Blacnignt9, how does it feel to be a racist? Because that's
what you are. Oh, yes, you can be a non-caucasian and be a racist. And you
definitely qualify.

"I must assume that there is a conscious at work and I don't find that to be
the case." (I assume this is a misspelling of conscience.) If I were to say
this about any ethnic group as a class, such as african-americans, you would
call me a racist. And you would be right. And it's just as racist as to
make sweeping comments about other races such as this.

" are living proof that if I turned my back on you that I would die."
If I said this about a hispanic, it'd be racist. Same here.

"I have lived a long time and the one theng that has remain constant is the
fact the when ever you have a chance you will hurt us, and hurt us badly."
Here you are speaking of caucasions as a race again. This kind of sweeping
statement is racist. It is also wrongheaded and offensive.

What about the half million white folks who died in the Civil war to end the
brutality and monstrous practice of slavery? More were killed in the course
of that war than in all of our losses in every war thereafter combined.

How about the Swedes, who never even *saw* an person of african descent for
most of their country's history?

And while we're at it, what about my caucasian friend Lisa, who volunteered
as a rape counselor in a predominantly black lower-class neighborhood, and
was murdered for her efforts? Yes, sir, I can sure tell that she was out to
hurt other people like yourself, wasn't she?

The heart of racism is stupidity and intolerance and classifying every member
of an ethnic group as being the same, usually in a negative fashion. By that
definition, you are a racist, and I suggest before you start correcting
others on this area, you do a little housecleaning of your own first.


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