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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Trend: Fan Interaction
    Date: 8/2/1995 4:56:00 PM  

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This is one of the more delicate areas in viewer/producer interaction
here on the nets. On one side, if you say, "Yeah, we fought the studios,
the networks, nobody tells us how to do our show," and viewers respond with
enthusiasm, then another viewer has a suggestion, and you don't take it,
suddenly it has the potential to come off like a snub. Yes, on one level,
shows don't exist without fans. Shows also don't exist without networks
and studios to finance and produce them. There are two masters at work

My take on this is very simple: nothing good has been done by
committee since the pyramids and Stonehenge. The bigger the committee,
the more watered-down or diffuse the final result. B5 viewers, as cute a
bunch as they might be, basicallyk constitute the largest committee on

If somebody finds a glitch in the show, points out an error, asks a
good leading question, I (or frankly any reasonable producer) would be a
fool to ignore it. But you've got to know your own mind, and what it is
you want to do with your show, and be absolutely, totally committed to
following your inclinations and your instincts, or very shortly you'll end
up wandering in the wilderness beyond hope of recall.


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