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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Yeah, probably 1,000 manuscript...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 5/28/1995 7:51:00 PM  

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Yeah, probably 1,000 manuscript pages, figure about 250,000 words, but
that's a conservative estimate; it may go longer once I get into it (it's a
contemporary dark fantasy story, fairly involved). I'd probably get more if I
extended it into a trilogy, in terms of advances, but I just don't really
think in those terms. It's, "What does the story require?" Then that's what
you do. I've always worked this way.

1,000 pages ain't really that much, either, when one stops to realize
that in just the 15 scripts I've written for year two of B5, that's about 750
pages by itself.

Don: yeah, a playwright, and lots of other stuff. My problem is that I
like all kinds of writing; I *learn* from all kinds of writing. So I'm
constantly drifting from one to the other. For years I worked as a journalist
for major papers and magazines (over 500 article (articles) published; a
reviewer; an investigative reporter; radio drama writer; playwright; on-air
talk show host; short stories; novels; songs; you name it.

Basically...I flit.


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