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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: "Is Babylon 5 that good?".
    Date: 2/4/1995 5:55:00 PM  

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The hard part is getting fans of ST to step back and look objectively
at the show, and realize that AS fans of ST, they should allow it its
chance. ST began as one person's original vision, which is now in its
third distillation of that original vision. B5 is an original vision, the
first since ST to try something on this scale.

And there are many parallels between the histories of the two shows.

B5 and ST both had to overcome vehement fans and critics who much
preferred a prior SF show (ST and Lost in Space, respectively).

B5 and ST both worked for a long time to get on the air, and both
ended up in making casting changes in the commanding officer and the
first officer. (Kirk followed Pike, and Spock followed Number One, as
Sheridan followed Sinclair, and Ivanova followed Takashima.)

B5 and ST were primarily the product of one person's vision and
creative control.

B5 and ST both extrapolated the future of Earth and space travel using
the best contemporary science, both created whole species and set up
vast interplanetary politics and languages.

I just have this hunch that a number of "screw-B5" ST fans are going
to end up in a few years like the "screw-Star Trek" Lost in Space fans
who thought ST was crap trying to steal LiS's audience and place in the
TV landscape.


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