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 Subject: Re: Babylon 5 Scripts Site Nearly Ready, And More!
    Date: 10/29/2005 5:30:37 PM  

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Stefan wrote:
> Concerning completely forgotten stories...
> You wrote in a rastb5m posting (09-08-2000):
> "When Claudia left, I roundfiled (trashed) the few scripts I had been
> working on with her character because they could not be used. They
> were first and in some cases second drafts, or partial scripts."

Not thus far, no...I've come across a few script fragments that I
started and abandoned ("Festival!" which I think is about halfway
written, before being totally set aside and reworked as "The Parliament
of Dreams"), and a couple of others, but thus far not the fifty season
stuff, which I think I actually may have erased, given how upset I was
at the time. But I'm still going through it all...there's just
hundreds of memos, mostly private or of no real outside interest, but a
lot of them have some pretty cool stuff.

In terms of the premises written, I found the original premises for
"The Long Night of Susan Ivanova," "The Commander's Hour," and a bunch
of others, as well as the Season 5 Christmas letter I sent to the crew,
which I'd forgotten about but is very moving, as well as the letter
sent to all of the cast and crew when the script for "Sleeping in
Light" came out, which spells out our options for the future...if there
were to be one.

There's also stuff in the memos and in my intros about characters we
were going to introduce in the series but ultimately couldn't fit in,
including an ISN reporter I wanted to embed on B5 full time...the
mysterious Mr. Jones...others.

As far as the script fragments are concerned, though, I'm not sure if
they're worth including or not, except as oddities...still thinking
about that one. At this point I'm inclined to leave them out.


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