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 Subject: Re: Babylon 5 Scripts Site Nearly Ready, And More!
    Date: 10/26/2005 2:38:59 AM  

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Okay, though we're right down to the wire, I managed to get seven of
the most crucial memos into the first volume of script books...the ones
that define the B5 universe in terms of casting, sets, CGI, the
background of the various races, prosthetics, directing, wardrobe,
ranks and so on. These are the actual memos written at the time, which
had the problem of a) creating the universe as we first find it, b)
setting up stuff for years down the road, while c) keeping some
information secret for fears it would leak.

It's pretty compelling stuff, to be honest...I'd forgotten about a lot
of it, and the sense of immediacy and the show being created as we went
is pretty cool.


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