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 Subject: Re: A Little Private Funding?
    Date: 10/18/2005 1:28:15 AM  

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bam wrote:
> I can't help but wonder with JMS making all of this outstanding B5 stuff
> available to the fans........
> Could he be raising money for some private project that the studios can't
> seem to get behind and bankroll.......
> Could he be gathering funds to produce something that the fans have been
> begging for......perhaps something that almost came to past late last year?
> This way if JMS is the money man he can do it his way. I can't recall the
> name of the project as my "memory" fails me now.
> I can dream can't I?

It was something I actually did think about briefly, but ultimately
decided that it wasn't fair or the sense of saying,
"Listen...for everybody for whom the show meant something, if it had an
effect on you, if it was important...and you'd like to see something
done outside the system, without studio notes, or interference...and
you wouldn't mind never seeing that money come back to could
invest whatever corresponds to what the show meant to you via the paypal account, which if enough shows up would
be used for a short film, a development fund for future B5 projects, or
a full length feature."

Thought about it...but again, ultimately droppd the idea. Just didn't
seem right.


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