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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Attn. JMS - Cost of Sci-Fi TV
    Date: 1/13/2003 12:40:00 AM  

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>On the contrary, it is a observable fact that the psi corps trilogy has
>one tiny mistake in it - putting the Icarus incident and Mind war at the
>same time. The Centauri Trilogy has a whole host of minor timeline
>problems, like putting five months between the fall of Centauri Prime
>and Objectsd at rest. The "In the Beginning" Novelization gives all
>of Coplann's lines to Morann, (not to mention basically the whole
>technomage trilogy), but my point is made with the few previous examples.
>So then, where is the quality control?

So let me get this straight...based on those tiny errors, which creep in
because perfection is much to be strived for but rarely ever achieved,
especially when you're bringing in all kinds of different people into the
process, on tha basis of a few months difference here and there, which 99.9% of
the population wouldn't even notice unless they did a real dig-out of the
dates...which only a rather obsessive kind of personality would do in the first
place...based on THAT you dismiss the books out of hand? That they have "no
quality control?"

And on top of that, as a newcomer here, you go around dissing people and
insulting them because they disagree with you?

>Understanding someone elses opinon makes it easier to show
>how they are wrong. Spare me your version of singing Kum-by-yah, I'll
>deal with facts.

Does the phrase "ill-mannered boob" ring a bell with you?

Just checking, because I suspect you're either going to hear it a lot, or you
already have.


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