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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: OK, I'm expecting an announcement about the formation of
    Date: 12/16/2000 3:54:00 PM  

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>But the latest really takes the cake: has anyone seen a reliable,
>confirmed report that Bush's lawyers are in Florida trying to prevent the
>New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and others from looking
>at the disputed (which they have every right to under Florida's Sunshine
>Law) ballots? Is this just another Scurrilous E-Mail Rumor?

No, it's quite true. The Miami Herald in fact is in the process of demanding
to review the set-aside, disputed ballots. The recount had put Bush at only 53
votes ahead when it was stopped by order of the Supreme Court, and some
estimates indicate that Gore may have had far, far more votes than anyone

There's some *really* good stuff on this at Michael Moore's site, including an astonishing breakdown of the Supreme Court
verdict which for the first time really explains the thing.

One of the more interesting elements is that they overturned the Florida
Supreme Court decision because the FSC did not create a standard for
determining the process by which the intent of the voter could be discerned --
which was all the Florida legislature had previously stipulated -- so that
uneven standards would apply to different counties. For that reason, it was

But if the FSC *had* created a specific standard, then it WOULD have changed
the rules after the game had started, and it would ALSO have been overturned.


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