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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Rising Stars
      To: CIS  
    Date: 1/21/1999 4:40:00 PM  

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Carl Cantarella <> asks:
> Joe, Will we be able to purchase RISING STARS online once it gets
> released? Will it be available through the Emporium perhaps?

What you have to remember is that at one time or another, with
the rare exception of celebrities, every published novelist was an
unknown, unpublished novelist...every screenwriter or television writer
was an unknown, untested writer. I came to LA with no friends or
contacts in the industry. I came out of the streets of New Jersey and
elsewhere, sans silver spoon in mouth.

The work, and the quality of the work, is what ultimately makes
the difference, if you're willing to stay with it and if the qualitiy
is, in fact, there. I'm an annoying person; I'm a perfectionist; I'm
cranky and far from politic. By all rights I should be hard-core
unemployable; I've always been this way. And I've always worked.
Because when the moment comes to put black marks down on a white sheet
of paper...I do it fairly well.


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