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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: sleeping in light suggestion
    Date: 9/20/1998 4:18:00 PM  

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I was watching "Sleeping in Light" again today (I have a tendency to run the
last ten minutes plus the credits over and see if it'll stop getting
to me, and so far it hasn't), and had some thoughts on it for folks out there.

People often ask if there's anything they can do in return for B5, something
I'd like and I do have some ideas, here at the end, regarding SiL.

I think it would be a wonderful thing if more folks than usual got together for
viewing parties on this one. Not newcomers, not folks who haven't seen the
show, just the "family," if you will. If B5 has helped to create communities,
then I think this last episode should be for that community.

I also think you'll find some interesting tie-offs in this show...something
about Minbari beliefs about souls born in the hearts of suns, and a pay-off to
why the narrations of this series have always been in the past tense, and a
gift to the crew of this which end I *strongly* suggest that even if
you don't normally tape this series, that you do tape *this* episode so you can
go back and check some stuff at the end.

"Sleeping in Light" airs in just a little over two months, and every time I
look at it, it has the sense of something very special coming to its
conclusion. It's so damned hard watching it...and yet there's something about
it that is massively uplifting at the same time.

Anyway, I was just thinking that often viewing parties are used to bring in new
folks to B5, but this one, I think, should be for the family. Maybe local fan
groups want to get together, find someone with a good-sized TV, and watch.
It's one of those Moments, I think, that will be remembered a long time

And I've got TNT's promise not to run a voice-over or squish the credits at the


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