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    From: Brent Barrett <>
 Subject: Is it my breath?
      To: CIS  
    Date: 1/2/1997 1:59:00 PM  

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(This didn't seem to be *that* bad a question, so I figure you might
have missed it the first time I sent it. If you ignored it on
purpose, then just ignore it again -- I'll get the drift.)


Should we assume that Major Atumbe isn't part of the command staff
of the Army of Light? I take it that he/she's still third in command
of the station (although why was Delenn running C&C in "The Summoning"?
I know, Atumbe works the night shift...), but not in the command ranks
of the AoL.

I say this, because you would think Atumbe'd be present at some of
the important War Council meetings if he/she were involved in that side
of things (I mean if Zack, a sergeant, is present, you'd think Atumbe,
a major, would be present).

I realize that production-wise, it simply isn't realistic to cast
someone to play Atumbe and, essentially, add a new regular character,
so that's why I'm going on the assumption that Atumbe is part of the B5
chain of command and not part of the AoL chain of command. Is this a
fair assumption? Will Atumbe ever be seen or the character's role in
things ever addressed?


-- Brent (who, for some reason, thinks about these obscure details
during re-run season)

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