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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS: who can you hire/fire?
    Date: 1/1/1997 12:19:00 PM  

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"You're the writer and executive producer, and also big and tall. My
question are, within the limitations of the budget you get, who controls
the money? Who has the final say over who to hire or fire, and what to
spend money on or not? Do you control all of that, or do you
havemini-budgets for individual groups and let managers below you handle
the smaller details within? Can you briefly list the parts of the
management hierarchy above and below you for, say, 1-2 levels? Who's your
boss and your boss' boss? To whom are you the immediate boss and who
reports to them? Or maybe it's all a very flat hierarchy?"

Doug and I own Babylonian Productions. Once the budget is allocated by
WB, we have full, final and complete discretionary control over it all.
Now, if we're going to do something major -- fire or hire a recurring
actor or director -- we have to contact our liaison at WB and explain why,
and what impact it has on standing contracts. Once they are brought into
the loop, they generally stamp "okay" on it and we move on. They only get
into the major issues, not the smaller, day to day things.

Guest stars: Doug and I have final authority, no need to check with WB;
costume designs, sets, CGI, prosthetics...I generally deal with all of
that, with John Copeland. John handles a fair amount of this stuff as
well, but if there's any kind of decision that needs to be made, to
finalize stuff, it comes to me.

And that's really the whole chain of command: me and Doug, then John; and
at the approval process for major changes, WB.


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