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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Q about shadows&vorlons
      To: CIS  
    Date: 12/17/1996 7:15:00 PM  

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Michael N. Rubinste <> asks:
> Don't they have better things to do with their lives?
> What happened to the shadow that Sherridan fired on?
> Did it deflect the PPG charge like Kosh2 did?
> How did he get past it?
> Sherridan FOUGHT shadows --- or even one shadow -- with his BARE
> HANDS? I realize they weren't trying to kill him, but a
> full-fledged shadow could not subdue one puny human? How did they
> kill Kosh then? Did Sherridan's hand get bloodied from tangling
> with the shadow's spiky exoskeleton? I'm sorry to be so persistent
> about this question, but everyone I watch this episode with goes
> "Huh?"

The PPG bursts would've wounded the shadow, allowing him time to
scramble out of there before Morden could draw. He then had to fight
some other humans in the area, scramble down some ridges into the cave
areas, and then walk out.


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