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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Sheridan Speaks
      To: CIS  
    Date: 12/13/1996 6:09:00 AM  

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Brent Barrett <> asks:
> I was awonderin': Since Sheridan had close contact with numerous
> alien races before coming to B5 ("even a few Minbari") and had
> picked up a few words of, at least, Narn ("All Alone in the
> Night"), does he know *any* Minbari? Has he picked up any in the
> last two to three years of close *ahem* contact with the Minbari?
> Do you have any plans for him to try to learn some or all of the
> language?

When he has a bit more time, what with this pesky war and all,
he'll almost certainly undertake this.


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