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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Z Questions, Comment
      To: CIS  
    Date: 11/2/1996 5:54:00 AM  

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Michael N. Rubinste <> asks:
> I also love how you added yet another wrinkle to the ambiguity of
> the time-travel paradox: Was Delenn warning Sherridan not to do
> what he *did* do, or not to do what he *didn't* do? If the
> Shadows' goal is to help evolution along by covertly getting the
> various races to fight each other (which they were doing a fine
> job of for a while there), then why did they then start attacking
> directly? Was it because they had now decided who the winners
> were, and were "culling" the losers? Are you saying that Sherridan
> fought not one, but several Shadows with his BARE HANDS and got
> away from them?? Are they so weak physically?
> Have they no amazing mental powers or weapons with which to
> subdue him? How did they kill Kosh then?

Well, look what happened when the shadows came out and attacked
a couple of places...first they did so without anyone knowing it was
them doing it, as we've shown. So now everyone's running around like
ants, scurrying for cover and trying to figure out what the hell's
going on, accusing one another...then the Centauri got the credit/blame
for it, causing further conflict...then they came out and sent everyone
scurrying again, some to make alliances they thought would protect
themselves (and thus enable them to make war on their neighbors, as
shown), only to have that fall apart and they turn on themselves/each


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