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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Don't wanna hear that!
      To: CIS  
    Date: 7/2/1996 7:07:00 PM  

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{original post unavailable}

My sense is that these things tend to go in cycles; if you were
around in the Roaring Twenties, with flappers, jazz, and (to say the
least) a lapse in morals that went into the first part of the 1930s,
you'd extrapolate from that to say that the 1950s, by virtue of being
20 years down the road, would be even MORE loose, more immoral, wilder.
But, in fact, the 50s were extremely conservative. And most of the SF
of the time looked to a future that was as button-down as the present
of their writers. Then the looser 60s and 70s, and a rebirth of some
extent of conservatism in the Reagan 80s and for health reasons.

The day someone perfects, and distributes, a guaranteed Aids
vaccine, I think you're going to see another sexual revolution that'll
make the 60s look like a dinner party.

So by the time of B5, we're in a bit of a conservative swing
again, in terms of sexual matters (which often tends to come about


Date: 07 Jul 1996 22:18:01 -0700
From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
To: S.G. Menzel <>
Subject: Fan Club

S.G. Menzel <> asks:
> Any idea how much longer?
> Could you post a message here, once the webpage is up and
> running?

Thanks, and as soon as WB gets us the approvals, we'll be sure
to announce the web page just about everydamnwhere.


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