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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: <Ship of Tears>
      To: CIS  
    Date: 5/1/1996 1:00:00 PM  

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John M. Kahane <> asks:
> But does this mean that the allies of Light are going to start
> recruiting from among Psi Corps? Which character was she?
> Can you tell me if there was anything that you told Andreas or
> Mira about playing out this sequence, or was it pretty much an
> actor playing to another actor kind of thing?

Thanks. That's one of the things about the show that makes it
very appealing to write; you can go from fall down funny, broad comedy
in "Vir" to something more emotional, almost lyrical but serious in
"Avalon," then right into something vaguely horrific in "Ship." You
get to use all your muscles, not just the same ones over and over. I
like to stretch, try something I haven't tried before. Which means
from time to time I fall on my face, but that's okay; it's the only way
to learn. I have absolutely no qualms about making an ass of myself
and failing if it means that the next time, I can do it right.

I didn't give Mira or Andreas any instructions on that scene
except what was in the script, which was minimal. When you have two
performers that solid in the room, just give them the lines and run
like hell.

Speaking of going back and rewatching episodes...part of this
goes right back to the *pilot*, where, you'll recall, G'Kar tried to
seduce Lyta, mentioning that there are no Narn telepaths, and they feel
very strongly it's important to their survival that they start breeding
them at the first opportunity.



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