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    From: Jms at B5
 Subject: Re:SoT Question (Spoilers)
      To: AOL  
    Date: 4/28/1996 12:22:00 PM  

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Well, to follow the book, there still has to be a knowledge of the language.
You need to have a dictionary around, which is what was used.

The comparison, I suppose, would be those who say that Jorge Luis Borges'
work can only be most truly appreciated in the original Spanish. There's a
*translated* version, which someone has gone through and made the translation
for you, written it all out in English...or you can learn the language, and
then read the original manuscript.

Garibaldi doesn't know Narn, so how other than with a dictionary could he
read the original material, except by sleeping with it under his pillow and
praying for divine intervention.


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