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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Let me see if I've got this straight...Executo...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 12/29/1995 3:40:00 PM  

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No Thread 

Let me see if I've got this straight...Executor says that ST is not
written by committee...I say that it is...he says it's not, and that "reality
doesn't care" if I take exception to his statement that ST is written by
committee...and then he states that ST *must* be written by committee, and
thus it IS written by committee, which means I was correct and reality is on
my side.

At some point here I think somebody fell down the rabbit hole....

And then I'm contradicted quoting the "script editor" for ST, when I say
there IS no such creature working on the show, and in fact despite being told
I'm wrong by Executor, he turn turns around and reveals that the "editor" in
question is John Ordover, who edits the BOOKS, not the show, and is NOT a
script editor, which I said doesn't exist, which again shows that reality is
on my side....

This is makings Zathras' head hurt....

Re: the "stupid thread," and the "effective end of similarity" being that
the two shows were set on space stations...oh, you mean absent the fact that
the two shows both were helmed by commander ranked officers who had survived
major and emotionally devastating battles, both had female seconds-in-command,
both had a shapeshifter in their pilots, both had the female second leading a
counter-attack to a massive attack in that same pilot, and a lot of other
stuff in common....oh, you mean absent all THAT it's the "effective end of
similarity." Gotcha.

"Writing teams can come up with ideas better than one writer." Well,
THAT should certainly put Hemingway, and Shakespeare, and Dickens, and Wilde,
and Borges, and Faulkner, and Dostoeyvsky, and Marlowe in their place,
yessir...and I'm sure you are now prepared to name the committees of writers
that have come up with better than individual writers. I eagerly await them.

As for your comments on how TV writing and production works...rarely have
I seen misinformation so breathtakingly portrayed. Saying it's so doesn't
make it so.

Finally, as for being bugged by email, I almost always see this when
somebody gets his or her hide branded in public forums; if you have these,
notify GEnie. Otherwise, it leads me to doubt if they exist, and to consider
that you're just saying that to get sympathy on your side, 'cause the *facts*
sure as heck aren't.


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